Works > Lenin for Your Library?, 2005-2006

This project has been published as a book.

100 copies of "Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism" by V.I. Lenin were sent out to the addresses of World's major corporations, including Gap, Coca-Cola, General Electric, and IBM among many others. In an enclosed letter, it was stated that the book was a donation to the corporate library. Out of 100 copies, 14 were accepted and "thank you" letters were received. 20 copies were returned together with letters stating various reasons for rejection, including a particular focus of the library or their policy not to accept any gifts or donations from private individuals. The fate of the remaining 66 copies remains unknown.

Initial list of companies: Epson America, Gap, Merrill Lynch, Campbell Soup, United States Steel Corporation, JCPenney, Medco Health Solutions, Yamaha, DuPont, Staples, Pfizer, Sony,, Western Union Financial Services, Prudential Financial, Best Buy, Wendy's International, General Electric, McDonald’s, Chanel, Coca-Cola, The Walt Disney Company, CVS, Wachovia, Ford Motor Company, Xerox Headquarters, Apple, Autodesk, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Bank of America, Tektronix, Intermedia Communications, Microsoft Corporation, Dell, IBM Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Macromedia, Intel, Iomega Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Gateway, Lucent Technologies, Novell, Bloomingdale's, Oracle, Yahoo!, SGI, Sybase, Micron Technology, ATI Technologies, Corel, America Online, Compuware Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Citigroup, Wal-Mart Stores, Metlife, State Farm Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, Time Warner, Saks Fifth Avenue, General Motors, Pepsi-Cola, Boeing, Verizon, Texaco, Exxon Mobil, Phillips Conoco, Sunoco, Expedia, EarthLink, Sears, Roebuck and Co., CompUSA, Calvin Klein, Swatch Watch, Sprint, AT&T, Home Depot, Panasonic, Philip Morris, The Procter & Gamble, Rolex Watch, Newsweek, Nike, Mitsubishi, ABC, Fujitsu, Simon and Schuster, Sharp, Shell Oil, 7-Eleven, Gillette, Levi Strauss, Radio Shack, Adidas, Circuit City, Kmart, British Petroleum, Goodrich Corporation

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