Works > Communist Guide to New York City, 2007

This project has been published as a book.

“Communist Guide to New York City” is a collection of 76 photographs of buildings, public places, and sites in New York City, that are connected to the history of Communist Party USA, including photos of buildings which housed at different times headquarters of the CPUSA, residencies of important American Communists, sites where Communist-organized strikes and demonstration took places, and court houses where American Communist leaders were tried. The photographs are accompanied by captions explaining the significance of each site. Additionally, different neighborhood maps locate the buildings and sites within New York City.

The 76 photographed sites came from the initial list of 100 sites that I compiled as part of my research. Some addresses from the list, however, were impossible to locate due to factual errors, renamed streets, or zoning changes. The original numbering system is nonetheless preserved in this project and the photos are numbered from 1 to 100, maintaining the gaps.

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