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Yevgeniy Fiks: Portrait of Esther Morose, Communist Party USA
Portrait of Esther Morose, Communist Party USA
oil on canvas
36 x 48"

Esther Moroze. Born in Albany, New York, in 1942. Comes from a family of communists. Attended high school in New Ark, New Jersey, and then, Antioch College in Ohio. Joined the Communist Party USA in 1963, during the "Cuban missile crisis." Currently position is the national treasurer of the Communist Party USA.

What's your view of the Soviet Union?
- When it was in the process of being destroyed, there were or there weren't mistakes made, but capitalism stinks. There had been incredible achievements, take a free housing program for one.

What do you think of Mikhail Gorbachev?
- He betrayed us. But not everybody agrees with it. You can't blame one person for the collapse of the Soviet Union, but he definitely was a major part of it.

What is your view of today's Russia?
- People are suffering terribly and many think that life was better under socialism. Fancy boots don't make a good life.